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Did You Know That 86% Of Americans Surveyed Go Straight To The INTERNET When Looking For Local Products and Services? Are They Going To Find YOUR BUSINESS There When They Are Searching, OR Will They Find Your Competition??

So... you own or run a local small business, and you want to attract potential customers who are actively searching for the type of product or service you provide, right?

And you want them to come to YOU, and not your competition.

However, you may not know a lot about marketing on the internet, social media, seo, pay-per-click ads, and so forth - and you don't really have a huge budget to put into expensive marketing campaigns or costly search engine marketing companies.

And don't even get me started on throwing money into old school yellow pages or local newspapers... as hardly anyone really goes to those sources anymore!

So, what can YOU do about this?

First of all... RELAX! Despite what some overpriced "SEO" or online marketing company may be telling you...

It's NOT about getting your website to #1 on Google!!!

It IS about MARKETING on the internet, and achieving proper exposure for the specific search terms your potential customers are searching for... which leads to bringing qualified prospects through your door (or calling you).

You CAN get more qualified prospects to your website (or business) without waiting 3-6 months, and without having to fork out a minimum of $1,200 plus each month to "optimize" your site or build links! And NO, you don't have to pay $600-$800 to get listed in your areas local listings!

And yes, I know... you're not a marketing expert, so how can YOU achieve better results without having to learn all about online marketing or paying a fortune to some company to get you "optimized"?

My name is Scott Rogers - and I specialize in results-based local (and global) internet marketing and online lead generation.

I can help you generate positive results for a FRACTION of what many "seo companies" will charge you! Plus, I have extensive experience in various facets of online marketing that most search marketing company staff members have no clue about.

I will work with you personally to develop a customized online marketing game plan that has been PROVEN to produce effective and quick results for you!

Here's just a bit about my experience:

 I have been marketing on the internet successfully since 2003, and have achieved FIRST PAGE GOOGLE RANKINGS for over two dozen highly-searched keyword phrases and sites. 

 I have PERSONALLY created over 400+ pieces of unique content online... some that boast over 20% conversion rates!

 I have created marketing campaigns that resulted in generating 10 - 20 leads per day in high competition niches. (organic AND pay-per-click methods)

 As a successful affiliate marketer over the years, I achieved the "top affiliate" status for 3 different companies (getting my information and their product in highly visible places online, generating tons of leads and sales for them and myself).

 Before focusing on small business marketing, I had trained and consulted THOUSANDS of individuals on effective online marketing tactics and lead generation.

 I have achieved big numbers of followers by successfully utilizing effective social media strategies.

 I have worked with (and for) internet marketing and "seo" companies, and know how to get clients results for a fraction of what those companies charge. Plus, I've also specialized in successful techniques that many of these companies don't even know how to do themselves.

BUT, enough about me! I created Scott Rogers Consulting to help YOU, the small business owner, to be able to have more people finding YOU and what YOU offer!

I have spent the last several years achieving great exposure on the internet for myself and others, and then teaching and consulting individuals on how they can achieve the same type of results...

And that's what I would like to offer to assist YOU with today!

The best way for me to see how I can help you achieve better results for your business, is for us to have a personal phone conversation... where I would ask you some questions about what you want to accomplish, and provide you with a FREE initial consultation to determine how and what we could do to get you the results you want moving forward.

I don't believe the "one size fits all" approach to search marketing, so I will customize a potential plan of action for you based on YOUR objectives combined with my knowledge and expertise... helping you truly achieve a positive end result you are happy with.

So, give me a call today - and let's chat about getting MORE prospects and customers to what you offer:

My office line: 972-743-5540

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To Profitable Business,

Scott Rogers
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(and Lead Generation Specialist)

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